Professional Writing & Editorial Services for your Nonprofit or Small Business


The right words to help your organization thrive

Your organization is one of the good guys. Your communications with donors and clients should convey the important work you do, around the globe, across the country, or right around the corner. 

  • Your nonprofit or for-profit business is making a meaningful difference in the world -- however big or small. The words you use to speak with your audience have a huge impact on your success. 
  • If you're a nonprofit, the right words will help you reach new donors and stay in touch with existing ones to raise money to further your mission. But asking for money is only half of the story. It's just as important to share your wins, helping donors see how their donations are making a difference, increasing their loyalty and commitment to your cause. 
  • If you're in business, your website and marketing content allow you to put your best foot forward. This is where you show prospective clients and customers that you are the perfect choice for the job. 

Whether you're growing your business or raising money to make the world a better place,  you've got important work to do. I can help you do it.

How I work

  • Working with me is painless and drama-free. In our initial phone call I'll listen, ask lots of questions, and help you fine-tune and clarify, so we both understand exactly what you need.
  • No matter what the project is, I'll make sure every t is crossed and every i is dotted. I want you to love the copy, and the process, from start to finish.
  • Need a designer too? I work with a super-talented graphic designer, and together we can provide a one-stop shop, handling copy and design to make your life even easier.



These are some of the organizations I’ve written copy for:


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Carol Ghiglieri

For the last fifteen years I've written for organizations like yours, telling stories that resonate with their audience and advance their mission. I have an MFA in creative writing and am an award-winning short story writer who loves using my narrative know-how to tell stories that motivate and inspire. I've worked both with agencies and solo, and when it comes to doing business, I make things simple: I meet deadlines, communicate clearly, do what I say I'll do, and don't rest until your copy hits all the right notes. 




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